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Paratext n.7

5/11/2015 ☼ Tags:

Paratext 7Paratext 7

This name, Paratext, conceals a monthly programme of long and short presentations of the artists in residence in Hangar, as well as in international residences, always on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. Various artists will present specific projects or sections of their work in non-conventional formats. The sessions are open to the public to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

The next Paratext session will take place on Wednesday 11 November in Hangar (Emilia Coranty 16, 08018 Barcelona) in Sala Ricson at 7pm (map).

The artists that will be presenting their projects are Germán Portal Garbarino, Paulina Silva Hauyon and Marco Noris.

+info marconoris.com/paratext-7

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