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Ephemeral Informalism

21/5/2010 ☼ By Marco Noris. Taken from marconoris.com. Tags:

(Informalismo efímero)

This indiscreet picture of the neighbors’ daily activities gives an example of the importance of subjectivity when introducing changes as far as the perception of the commonplace is concerned. His ephemeral informalism (…) form a representation of the poetic power of painting to refer to complex issues such as how the individual fits into the social body.“ (Amanda Cuesta)

La EscocesaLa Escocesa

In the hallway inside La Escocesa (art creation center in Barcelona), between debris and graffiti, there is a sink where artists wash their brushes and tools. The source of my informalism resides right below this sink, around the drain, where a colorful square meter puddle forms.

In the last four years this colorful puddle was my canvas: an ephemeral and changing canvas, portraying impermanence. This canvas has allowed me to honor the place that has witnessed and hosted my artistic and personal growth for the last six years.

Ephemeral informalism consists of 283 photos taken and edited with my iPhone. All works were sent to the Internet in real time from May 21st, 2010 to December 4th, 2016.

More info:

Marco Noris2010/2016marconoris.com

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