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Guinovart, a fragment

1/1/2009 ☼ By Marco Noris, Roberto Noris. Tags:

The artist Josep Guinovart i Bertran. (Barcelona, 1927-1997) was a Catalan painter, draftsman and engraver. This documentary portrays the process of creating one of Guinovart’s large format abstract works. It shows the artist working with fibrocement sheets. Fibrocement remains malleable for a limited time, when the artist can work with this material. For this reason Guinovart moves to the factory to do the work in situ. The footage shot in 1978 and restored in 2009, was shot in the fibrocement factory Uralita SA in Ripollet (Barcelona), which opened in 1907 and was dismantled in 1997. The company is notorious for the cases of workers affected by the toxicity of asbestos. Authors are investigating the current whereabouts of the work in order to complete this documentary.

An idea of Lluis Montagut and Jose Civit.

Duration: 10’20
Year: 2009
Art direction and editing: Marco Noris
Audio: Roberto Noris
Video: Lluis Montagut and Jose Civit
Coordination: Bernat Montagut and Elva Gigirey

Marco Noris, Roberto Noris

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