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The Practice of Mettā Bhāvanā in Vipassana Meditation | Vipassana Research Institute

5/4/2020 ☼ By vridhamma.org. Taken from instapaper. Tags:

Source: https://www.vridhamma.org/research/The-Practice-of-Mett%C4%81-Bh%C4%81van%C4%81-in-Vipassana-Meditation


  • prison of self-obsession (View Highlight)

  • Nibbāna can be experienced only by those whose minds are filled with loving-kindness and compassion for all beings. Simply wishing for that state is not enough; we must purify our minds to attain it. We do so by Vipassana meditation; hence the emphasis on this technique during a course. (View Highlight)

  • We must therefore examine ourselves before practicing mettā-bhāvanā to check whether we are really capable of transmitting mettā. If we find even a tinge of hatred or aversion in our minds, we should refrain at that time. (View Highlight)


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